About Us

Tomasz Ogłódek & Marzena Czarnecka Law Office is a Polish law firm which provides corporate clients and territorial self-government units with comprehensive legal services.

Since 1999, the experience in rendering legal services, both in didactic and academic field, has made us trustworthy for our current clients. Our employees have a wide range of knowledge in numerous branches of law, which makes it possible to provide a permanent legal service to companies as well as co-operation at implementing particular legal undertakings.

We satisfy our clients' needs by rendering reliably and with a high content-related quality of services, based on experience and knowledge acquired since we established our Law Office. We work with medium-sized enterprises, foundations, associations and international companies.

We are very flexible and creative in adapting to the business needs and aims of each client individually and make effort to elaborate on the best solutions for our clients.

Our registered office is located in Katowice but the legal aid is provided as requested by the Client, at the Client's registered office.

Invited by third parties, the Law Office partners hold training courses concerning energy law (especially collaborating with the Institute of Improving the Knowledge on Energy Market idwe-logo), as well as labour law and commercial law.


Our publications

The licenses in Energy law in reference to bankruptcy of energy enterprise

Czarnecka Marzena:

W: Instytucje prawa upadłościowego i naprawczego / pod red. Antoniego Witosza. T. 2. - Katowice : Wyd. UŚ, 2008. - (Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Katowicach ; 2570). - s. 92

Licensed activity is one of the basic legal actions which, according to Energy law, serve to guarantee the energy safe, law-energy and rational using fuel and energy, the development of competition, counteracting negative effects of natural monopoly, consideration of environmental protection's requirements, obligations arising from international agreements as well as balancing of interests of energy enterprises and receiver fuel and energy.